Annunciation Maternity Home
Hope is Here

Hope. Care. Prepare.


Hope is the core to all of the programs and services offered at Annunciation Maternity Home. Our staff and volunteers are compassionate and understanding to our clients needs and we are here to assist, empower and guide them to a path toward independence and self-sufficiency with passion, knowledge and hope. We offer help, by creating hope.


The Philosophy upon which Annunciation Maternity Home is built is to care for those in true need. Because we care, we offer teens and women experiencing crisis pregnancy housing, education, health services and life skills that will enable them to be an asset to the community and to make better decisions in their future.


Prepare for the future by providing the needs of today. Annunciation Maternity Home provides services to young women and their families with resources and knowledge to make positive lasting decisions and behavioral changes. Our goal is to better the options for teens and young women for generations to come.

About Annunciation Maternity Home

What We Do

We provide housing and related services to teen and homeless mothers facing a crisis pregnancy.

Our Mission

To provide women and teens in crisis pregnancy, and their children, with housing, educational opportunities, and access to health services to empower them in their journey towards independence.

Values Statement

Our mission is to live and exemplify the charism of the Annunciation
of Mary depicted in the Gospel of Luke for pregnant women 14yrs+ :
  • By teaching that they are blessed and loved by God
  • By showing God's unconditional love for them by providing housing, educational and enrichment opportunities
  • By teaching faith in God's will and plan for their lives.

Our services are offered without regard to religious belief, and we make no religious demands on those who come to us for help.


Christie and Mike Aaronson founded the home in 1999 to follow an inspirational calling from God. They felt that this service was a necessity in their community. God quietly instilled the responsibility in their hearts that "we are our brother's keeper" and that pregnant women not only deserve the opportunity to hear the Truth about life and God's plan for them, but that they had an obligation to share it with them. The Aaronsons wanted to commit, not just with words counseling on the phone, but also in action beyond a phone call. Thus the Annunciation Maternity Home was created. The Annunciation Maternity home is the only licensed long-term care (2+ years) maternity home in the Central Texas area, and one of the few in the state. We serve pregnant and parenting women ages 14+, from beginning of their pregnancy until two years after the birth of their baby. We not only offer an alternative to abortion but we care for God's children who are vulnerable and abandoned. We offered educational opportunities to empower these young women with the tools and knowledge necessary to achieve self-sufficiency and responsible decision-making. This empowerment also gives them the opportunity to break the cycle of teen pregnancies.