Interested in working with an organization dedicated to saving the lives of young women and their children?

Annunciation Maternity Home currently has the following open position(s):

Licensed Counselor

LPC or LMSW and several years of professional experience required.


Provide all clients with individual weekly therapy according to their mental health needs, including work in assessment, diagnosis/diagnostic impressions, and treatment plans. Counseling should focus on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or other similar therapies that are forward moving and teach clients coping skills for healthier return to their environment of origin and the triggers associated with return

Administer intake risk assessments on all clients within 24 hours of admission into the program

Provide group counseling

Provide family counseling when appropriate

Administer the GAF, CAFAS, ANSA (or other) assessments according to instruction

Utilize the Apricot database system to record data from all assessments

Work with Executive Director to develop a best practice counseling program which includes community outreach program

Work in conjunction with the Client Care Team when mental health and/or medical attention for client or their infant appears necessary. The team will schedule appointments and arrange transports accordingly

Engage in behavior management according to the Nurturing Philosophy and Trauma Informed Care Principles

Know the Emergency Operations Plan and the proper protocol for emergencies and educate clients accordingly

Participate in weekly Client Care Team Meetings with the Executive Director and other team members in order to review each client’s progress through her service program

Teach self-esteem and conflict resolution classes weekly for all programs

$45,000 annual salary

Youth Care Worker II

Complete various daily responsibilities as assigned by Team Leader, by due date

Read shift reports when coming onto shift and debrief with exiting staff member

Be a role model for client and exemplify correct, upstanding behavior and decision making

Attend weekly staff meetings conducted by the Executive Director or Intake Housing Director

Know and uphold restrictions of each individual client (i.e. allergies, visitors, web, phone call)

Complete all required written documentation and data entry

Input data and daily shift reports into Apricot

Follow all rules and guidelines and be able to give instructions to clients accordingly

Implement strategies that include daily planned activities and life skill lessons

Observe teachable moments and instruct clients appropriately

Instruct clients in all safety practices related to the house and their babies

Instruct clients in proper car seat safety

Instruct clients as to ALL house-keeping duties, to ensure that the client will transition with enough knowledge to run her own household

Observe and instruct clients in best-practice parenting techniques

Observe and instruct clients in proper nutrition (pre and post-partum)

Observe and instruct clients in menu planning and meal preparation

Check client chores daily and instruct clients on proper procedures if necessary

Observe and instruct clients in pre-natal growth and development

Transport clients to medical appointments and other necessary destinations

Ensure clients are following proper personal hygiene for themselves and their baby

Respond effectively to acts of aggression, depressive, destructive or self-injurious behaviors utilizing de-escalation techniques

Engage in behavior management according to the Nurturing Philosophy and Trauma Informed Care Principles

Know proper procedure for managing, reporting and recording serious incidents

Know the Emergency Operations Plan and the proper protocol for emergencies and educate clients accordingly

Maintain professionalism

Adhere to code of Ethics which includes but is not limited to NOT contacting current or former clients by any form of social media. And NOT giving clients any personal information such as address and phone number

Assign client merits according to merit system, ensure that the merits are given through face–to-face dialogue as soon as they are earned

Be present and punctual for all scheduled shifts and always remain awake and alert (including overnight shift)

Proficient at medication administration/documentation, with minimal error

Wear appropriate uniform (scrubs and OSHA non-slip rated shoes)

Wages: $15 per hour