My name is Amber Navarro, and I am a practicing Catholic, wife to my college sweetheart, Eric , and the mother of two boys, Dylan and Gavin. I am also the “mother” of a very special therapy dog, a pug named Franny, who is trained to work with children in school counseling programs. I truly feel that counseling young people is my God given purpose in life. I have been working with young children in residential treatment, acute care psychiatric hospitals, child protective services, and education throughout my career. I obtained my undergraduate degree in psychology from the university of New Mexico in Albuquerque, and my Master’s degree in Counseling from Louisiana Tech University. I am licensed in School Counseling in the state of Texas, and my post-graduate certifications include trauma-informed interventions in sand tray therapy and expressive art therapy. I am so happy to be here at AMH, working with these wonderful young women and their beautiful babies every day.